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One of the most annoying things when getting dressed in the morning or for an evening out is to discover you’re missing a button.

Most of the time, you only need one button to replace the broken or missing one, and you can’t buy a single button from the store.

You end up buying a “pack” of two-to-four buttons, buying more than you actually need.  That’s not very cost-efficient and let’s face it, the buttons themselves can be expensive. Plus, who has time to run to the store or wait for a sale when you need that extra button right away?

A small glass jar lets you easily see what you have available.

One tip I learned long ago, was to remove all buttons from your worn-out, stained, ill-fitting clothes before you throw them away and place the buttons in a glass jar like this one.  Don’t forget to add those extra buttons that come attached to your clothing (skirts, shorts, slacks, shirts) too.

Keep the jar with your sewing items or in a special drawer.  It’ll save you a lot of stress when you or someone in your family is running around yelling, “Button, button, who’s got the button?

Bonus tip: If you really want to be efficient, put a small spool of thread (black, white, and/or color of most of your clothes) with a needle in the jar as well.

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Comments on: "Button, button. Who’s got the button?" (2)

  1. This is a great idea for college bound adults, a nice “see you for Thanksgiving” sort of gift.

    Now, is there a hint for finding the keys? That other earring? The small bottle of eyedrops to rewet a contact lens that sticks during a chatroom conversation?

    You could start building a button jar by requiring guests to the High School Graduation to bring a single button. Wow, wedding showers..

    What a goldmine of ideas you gave me!


    • Hi Sally!

      You’re right, college-bound young men and women can definitely use this jar of buttons. I would also include the thread and needle for them. 🙂 Of course, don’t forget to actually show them how to sew on a button. Everyone should know how to do that.

      Best way to find keys is to designate one hook, one bowl, one place ONLY for your keys. I had my husband build a frame for a large mirror with pegs in it in our entranceway (I’ll be posting that pic another time). My keys are always placed there. My husband’s keys, on the other hand, are always laid on top of his leather notebook portfolio in the kitchen so he can grab and head into the garage in the early morning. It’s his launchpad for the day.

      Best way to discover where exactly you need a bowl, hook, peg, or dish for items (keys, earrings, eye drops, etc.) is to take a moment and think about how you enter your house and then the room where you let go of your keys, or take off your earrings, or use your eye drops. Watch where your hand automatically goes to set the item(s) down & voila! Then find a special bowl, plate, hook, or peg and place it there. You have now given that space a special purpose and it should be natural for you to place your item(s) there. Hope that helps! 😀

      Thanks for commenting! ~ Lisa

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