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My Savings on Work Shorts!

As some of you know, we are awaiting news about our college son’s wrist surgery coming up and are dreading what the costs are going to be for that.  Luckily, he has insurance through the college that we pay for so that will help…some.  As self-employed people, we don’t have insurance, and my business hasn’t proven profitable yet, so it’s even more critical that we save money wherever we can.  I’m happy to report the following:

Today was a good day.  I saved us $126.45!  I think I deserve chocolate.

My husband has been using regular cotton cargo shorts for work shorts for a couple of years now and they are almost shredded.  They’re also a bit too long for him because his tool belt is so heavy it drags them down a little and when he kneels, his knees catch the legs and he either trips or tears.  Now, well, the tears are too big to ignore.  It’s time for new work shorts.

While these regular shorts lasted for a time (longer than you’d imagine), they didn’t last as long and weren’t as rugged as his Carhartt’s so I was on a mission to find a good deal on those shorts for him.  He’s been looking for replacement shorts for a few weeks now locally with no success in his size.  That was a sign for me to step in.  **rubs hands together**  I’m on it!

Success!!  I found the Carhartt work shorts he needs at the right length, the right weight of fabric (it’s bloody HOT and HUMID here in Florida so the lighter weight canvas shorts are best), and the right price!  In fact, I got an even better deal than I imagined!

Regular price was $32.99 each, and they were on sale for $19.99.  I thought that was a very good price for the quality (we bought these work shorts years ago from this same site) PLUS they are having a sale (last day is tomorrow) PLUS if you order a certain amount, shipping/handling only costs you .50 cents.  That’s right…50 CENTS! 🙂

Now…get this…it seems that if you order 2 or more, they take an additional amount off of the items but you don’t find this out until you look at your shopping cart.  I ended up paying only $16.99 for each pair of shorts!!  😀  Because of this, we ordered an extra pair.  See?  It pays to pretend you’re checking out to see if an additional sale price comes through. 🙂

The Breakdown:

7 pairs of shorts x $32.99 = $230.93

7 pairs of shorts x $16.99 = $ 118.93

Savings of——————–>$ 112.00

PLUS savings of s/h——->$    14.45

TOTAL SAVINGS  ——->$126.45

Every little bit helps and this is a huge savings for us!  **Happy Dance**

Interestingly enough, although I don’t shop for clothing very often at all (once every several years), I am usually very lucky.  I seem to stumble upon sales that will be ending either that day or the next day, just like today.  Thank you, shopping goddesses! 😀

Have you had any recent shopping successes you’d like to share?

Special note: I have provided the link to the online site where I shopped today for your convenience.  I am not paid by Carhartt or the Cabela’s site in any way, shape or form for mentioning them.

Copyright 2011 – All rights reserved.


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