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Hedge Planting Disaster

When I look back on this hot and humid summer, one of the most disappointing yet comical gardening lessons I’ve learned is that hedges don’t necessarily like sunWho knew?

Oops! Lesson learned.

You see, I was in need of a change and wanted to get my hands dirty and didn’t have any money to spend.  Rather than rearrange my living room furniture, I felt the need to re-arrange my yard.  It would be great, I decided.  I needed to get outside more, I wanted some physical activity.  Yup, the decision was made and I was on a mission.

There was an added benefit.  It was something the family could do together.  You know,sweat together, stay together”?  I recruited my son, who was home from college and my husband, who came up with the idea of creating a fence with them, and we spent a few hours out in the hot sun digging them up, then transplanting them into new holes.

Wheelbarrow in hand, we also used our neighbor’s extra compost in the holes.  Hey, they begged us.  More than a month prior to this, they had an entire truckload of compost delivered, and found it was much more than they could use.  They were desperate to get rid of the pile near their driveway.  I happily complied.  See?  Everything was working out.  It would be great! 🙂

I couldn’t wait to move these darn things; I hated those hedges along the front of the house.  They were growing toward the sun so were quite askew and a couple were downright scrappy on the backside (see photo).  I thought that if I gave them full sun on all sides, they would fill out and create a nice, inexpensive (FREE) border fence for our side yard.  Logical, rational thinking, right?

And, as someone who has worked for a plant nursery and grew up on a 2-acre piece of property with access to even more acreage…hence, a medium farm and many gardens…well, you’d think I’d know better!

Well, it turns out I’ve never planted hedges before so it never dawned on me that some hedges might NOT like full sun!  I’ve planted hundreds, no, thousands of vegetables, plenty of flowers, even some trees but I’ve never planted hedges.  And that part of my brain that KNOWS all plants have different sunlight needs? Yeah, that part simply did not kick in…at all…as you can see. 😦

Yeah, yeah, go ahead and laugh. I hear you anyway.  It’s okay.  I can’t help but chuckle and shake my head myself.

What gardening and/or planting lessons have you learned this summer?  Please share so I know I’m not alone in this…please. 😀

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Comments on: "Hedge Planting Disaster" (4)

  1. I have to shake my head, too, in empathy.

    We didn’t do a big summer yard project this year. Sure, I bought more plants and if one shows up two years in a row, I claim sucess.

    The first year at an apartment, across town, I remember weeding and weeding and weeding, then giving up. The weeds I tugged at and gave up on, became yellow poppies.

    When we moved in here, our first and only house, because I refuse to ever move again, I weeded and weeded and weeded, only to give up. I must have killed a hundred Columbine plants.

    14 years later, I read this spring that if you let the columbines go, you can collect seeds and multiply them. I figured the same must be true of my Lupines. I let them go.

    When I went out, last week, to collect these seeds, they were all gone! I must have waited too long. I do not know where they are, I hope they have fallen back into the bed and will come up from their own free will next spring.

    Thanks for the hedge story!

    • Sally, Oh dear. I think you might need a “weed identifier”; a book where you can recognize the plants as flowers rather than weeds! lol I hope your Lupines come back. Let me know. Thanks for reading and commenting! 😀

  2. We line in a third floor apartment so there’s little opportunity for gardening, but we do have pots everywhere.

    I’m fairly good with most plants, having a moderately green-ish thumb, but I always end up killing the cat grass!

    I think it’s a plot by the cat to undermine my confidence!

    • Hi Widder! Cat grass, huh? I never had cat grass but always found it interesting that our outdoor cats, (when I was growing up) loved to chew on grass. As a child, I always wondered why. Now I know it’s because it helps with hairballs and digestion! Could it be you’re watering it too much? Or might a different variety of cat grass (buck oat vs. wheat or vice versa?) be better for your cat and your green-thumb? I am curious since I’ve never grown it myself.

      Nice to see you popped in from The Writer’s Chatroom and commented on my blog. Thanks! See you there tonight. 🙂

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