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Suit up, it’s Halloween!

Some of the most creative and fun costumes are made within hours or minutes of trick-or-treating.  Use what you have on hand, swap clothes with your brothers and/or sisters and/or parents.  Just make sure you have permission, of course.

One prime example is this Man in Black costume my son wore several years ago.  It was great!  I think the shades really made it. 🙂

Man In Black

Man in Black

He used one of my husband’s old suits, (from hubby’s bank management days) along with a tie.  We already had the white Oxford shirt but a polo shirt with a collar could work as well), and you don’t have to worry about shoes.  Sneakers (any color) work beautifully with this look.  You do have to have sunglasses for this costume, they really cap it off.  Everything, totally free!  Not one cent spent.

Sadly, I believe this was the last year my son trick-or-treated because some idiot at the far, far end of our neighborhood got really angry with him, yelled that our son was too old for trick-or-treating, and refused to give him candy.  My son’s feelings got hurt and when I found out, I was appalled.

Had I been out with him that night instead of my husband, I would have given that man a piece of my mind.  No one messes with my son!!  I believe it was the first night I’ve ever thought about egging someone’s house.  I never was allowed out on Mischief Night (the night before Halloween up north) as a child.  This Halloween night, I was very close to following through but…I didn’t.  I have to say, though, the thought of it gave me some joy.

My son was only 14 or 15 years old at the time and, honestly, what would it have cost this guy to give a bite-size piece of candy to my son.  Really!  Life is too short to dash someone’s fun, especially when that fun is harmless.  This guy not only stole that Halloween from my son but it prevented him from going out for his last two years of high school. 😦

Rules of trick-or-treating

I say you can trick-or-treat right through high school as long as you’re creative about it.  I don’t like it when it’s obvious that the teenagers didn’t put any thought into their costumes or aren’t even wearing costumes!!  That’s just wrong because it honestly doesn’t take a lot of effort to be creative.

And if you’re wondering…yes, I’m the woman who makes you say “Trick-or-Treat!!” before you get the candy.  😀  I had noticed the children were slacking off on this wonderful tradition several years ago.  The following year I didn’t have to remind anyone to say it.  🙂

Dorian Gray

In my son’s senior year in high school, they had a dress-up day for Halloween with a theme: come as a character in a book.  He chose Dorian Gray and yup, we used the same black suit.

I grabbed an old jean vest I had from my college days, a scrap of white muslin left over from some curtains I made years ago, and one round pearl-like earring.  We used the same white Oxford shirt, folded up the collar, wrapped the piece of muslin around his neck and formed a beautiful ascot, then took my earring and pierced it through the center of the ascot.  My son loved the way he looked and how he felt in this costume: rich.  It was quite impressive.  😀

Rich Man

This exact same suit can also be used if you want to dress as a “rich or wealthy man” for Halloween.  Just add a pocket watch and a cane for trick-or-treating.

What costumes have you made from a suit?

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