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Gingerbread cookies are done!

My son and I made Gingerbread cookie dough yesterday to refrigerate overnight. Thank you, Betty Crocker for the recipe which I have followed to the “T” for years. These cookies come out beautifully plump and soft every single time. The flavors of ginger, cloves, allspice, and cinnamon dance in your mouth. ~drool~ (oops, excuse me.) I get rave reviews from my son, my husband and everyone who tastes them!! 😀

We decorate them with raisins, cutting the raisins in half to form the eyes, and keeping them whole for the buttons. You can, of course, decorate them any way your heart desires.

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We baked 15 large gingerbread people and 9 mini ones (this size is great for holiday parties or school events). 😉  We have about half of the batch left so we can bake some more cookies either tomorrow, Christmas day or the day after. I just dropped off some of these cookies to our neighbors. Merry Christmas!!!! 🙂

Special Note: Never be afraid to split the baking over a night or two…or three! I’ve found, over the years, this prevents “burn-out”. Once the dough is made, you can always freeze or refrigerate until you’re ready for more.

Extra Special Note: This recipe is dairy-free and egg-free. Check it out in your Betty Crocker cookbook! 😉

There really is nothing like a freshly baked gingerbread cookie, warm from the oven. Yum!

How is your holiday baking going?

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