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A Christmas Tree Story

Yes, it’s a Christmas Miracle

The way the cost of Christmas trees have skyrocketed over the past 5-10 years, I really didn’t think we could afford to get a tree this year. Not that I mind, we’ve gone without before due to the cost. We have a couple of large plants that look particularly charming wrapped in white lights. 🙂 However, I must admit I miss the scent of pine trees in my home at Christmas time.

As it happened, one of our neighbors’ homes was broken into about a week or so ago (was just tossed, nothing stolen or damaged), and the owner asked my husband to help install some security measures on the windows and around the house. My husband has done quite a bit of work for this person in the past, including a complete kitchen renovation.

He was happy to help and hadn’t planned on charging for his time. However, after a couple of hours worth of work, he was paid for his time and expertise. Thank you, neighbor!! With this unexpected money, we went and bought a tree. Behold!!!

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Another Christmas Miracle

My husband and son came home with this tree and a great story to tell. (I had food in the oven so I couldn’t go with them that day). Here is their story:

They looked at this tree and really loved it, but balked at the price tag: $85!!! Moving on, they looked at a few other smaller trees (still expensive but do-able). Noting how much they liked the bigger and more expensive tree, the tree guy offered them a deal. He told them that he had trimmed off a bit of this tree already so they could have it for $50 instead of the $85.

My husband and son looked at each other and quickly agreed. That was exactly how much our neighbor paid my husband. It was meant to be! The only money we spent on it from our own pockets was the tax. We got this big, beautiful tree for $3.31 $3.13. How cool is that??? 😀

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Comments on: "A Christmas Tree Story" (4)

  1. Isn’t is amazing when that happens? God sends us just what we need, when we really need it. Merry Christmas! 🙂

    • Audrey, It is nice when the Universe surprises you like this, isn’t it? The tree is still up, green and smelling wonderful. Usually, I take the Christmas tree down on New Year’s Day. This year, it’s staying up a little longer. 🙂 Thanks for commenting! See ya’ Wednesday in chat.

  2. $3.31…. priceless!

    Ours looks pretty nice, too. The rooster likes a wad of blinking lights I put in a glass bowl near the window. I turn them on and he comes there to roost.

    Blessed Be this year and Next.

    • Hi Sally, Thanks! You made me realize I made a little typo. It was actually $3.13. My fingers reversed the numbers (correction will be made immediately). lol That certainly is interesting about your rooster and the lights! I’m surprised he doesn’t crow (thinking it’s the sunlight). Wonder what he’s thinking?

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