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You know Spring has arrived in the South when pollen covers your car and your outdoor grill, and the azaleas bloom. Man, have they bloomed! With unseasonably warm temperatures on and off for a couple of weeks now, 80 degrees F. with cold snaps in between, these bushes have just burst with color!

A few weeks ago, our scrawny little transplanted azalea bush seemed to appreciate its new location and I could see it filling out. I also think it likes the occasional banana peel I throw out there to feed the soil.

As you can see, flowers were also blooming, more than we’d ever seen on this straggler! It was a good sign.

 A few days ago, I glanced outside my office window and noticed this…

After a little clean-up of branches and foot-long pine needles from neighbors’ pine trees (oh, how I wish they would take those dangerous trees down), the bush looks great.

On my walks through the neighborhood, I found more azalea bushes just brimming with color! These bright pink azaleas are gorgeous in the sunlight but alas, we’ve had nothing but gray cloudy days for a few days now but I couldn’t wait to show you. This bush is at least 6-feet high (notice the fence behind it) and more than that in width!

There were several bumblebees buzzing around while I took these photos and waited for the breeze to still. Aren’t these flowers beautiful?

And finally, this is my all-time favorite photograph of these azaleas. Gorgeous!!!!

For those of you who are still seeing snow, hang in there! Spring is coming your way, I promise.

Anyone else have some Spring photos to share? Let me know and link to them in the comments. I’d love to see them. 🙂

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Comments on: "Spring Has Arrived: The Azaleas Are in Bloom!" (2)

  1. You are making me Spring-sick. We have had a very mild winter. Even so, we have to wait till late May or Early June just to be sure. Maybe, I’ll get myself a potted something to keep by my window. Gosh, what blooms in a pot, inside? Something I haven’t killed in the past. Ummmm.


    • Hi Sally! I knew you’d like these flowers. Try Kalanchoe plants if you have a window that offers some great sunlight. They do need bright light to bloom but they are nice-looking plants even without blooms. I also have a peace lily that gets some very indirect afternoon sunlight and loves it and even though the blooms are single and intermittent, they are beautiful. They basically do well inside without a lot of sun.

      Indoor plants are tricky. I’ve had to play around with many over the years to figure out which plant likes which spot in the house (at which time of year). lol I’m looking for some flowering plants myself for my office and can’t decide. Since it’s north-facing, I don’t get a lot of sunlight so I’m looking for shade plants. Begonias maybe? or Impatiens? I’m kinda’ tired of both since I use them in my window boxes so, we’ll see what I end up using. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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