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Yes, it’s true!

Last night, I had the thrill of a lifetime! I got the chance to speak to Joshua Gates (@joshuagates), Host and Producer of Destination Truth on DT Fan Radio on Mandogg House Radio hosted by Ambassador Amanda on BlogTalkRadio.

Now I know the true feeling of the word, “Squeee!!!” **Happy Dance** 😀

A couple of my first loves

Some of you may know that I love archaeology and anthropology. Stored somewhere I have a picture of me in 6th grade up to me knees in a creek looking like I took a mud bath. It was a class trip and we were digging in the banks of the creek for fossils. I was gung-ho about that and for a girl, that seemed strange to my teacher and some of my classmates. I didn’t care, I was having a ball!

Yes, I was a tomboy and proud of it! 😀 Couldn’t find Lisa? She was most likely climbing up the tallest tree in the yard, or collecting rocks with trilobites and fossilized shells in them. You should have seen the size of the rock/boulder I carried back from an afternoon walk one day! It was at least a foot in diameter, and it was coooool.

Another Digression…

In college, I took several introductory archaeological courses but was intimidated by the future science requirements (I’m embarrassed to say). I did, however, take a summer course studying ancient Greece and we traveled through Europe for two months, spending an entire month in Greece. I fell in love with traveling and especially, with Greece!!

We visited museums in England, France, Germany, Italy and Greece then took in many archaeological sites in Italy and Greece. It was a small group, I think about eight of us, and we rented two cars in France after taking a ferry from England. It was an adventure! I loved it and at some point in the near future, I’ll post a few pictures on here for you. Have to find them first.

Back to the show!

I’m usually not on the computer about 9pm but I was working on a few things and Joshua Gates tweeted he was going to be on a radio show so I listened in. I’m familiar with BlogTalkRadio and was curious about the show’s host. (I had a BlogTalkRadio show myself for a year and love the platform and the freedom it offers.) I clicked the link he tweeted.

I also know that Joshua Gates has a degree in archaeology and I love watching Destination Truth. I keep telling our son, “If I was 20-25 years younger, I’d be on his team in a flash!” I so wish there had been a group dedicated to researching these various experiences, sightings, myths, legends, stories years ago because I would have jumped at the chance to take part in these investigations! If there were (which I’m sure there must have been), I just wasn’t aware of them at the time.

I’m happy to hear that Joshua Gate’s favorite Indiana Jones’ movie was Raiders of the Lost Ark. I completely agree. I remember sitting in the movie theater when it came out, taking a few seconds to realize that the man in the field was also the professor!! Harrison Ford was playing a character I always wanted to be, knowing everything I wanted to know: an expert in his field. I fell in love with that film and lived vicariously through Indiana Jones. Now I do so in real life…with Joshua Gates. 🙂


There were the usual silly questions from fans last night and some fun ones. 30 minutes into the show, I decided, “What the hell, I’ll call.” In the chat room, I let Amanda know I was in the phone queue then crossed my fingers. I had thought of a couple of questions and decided on one. I wrote it down so I wouldn’t stumble on the phone/radio. I knew you needed to be as succinct as possible on an interview, especially when time was winding down. Josh was already on longer than he originally planned.

My question?

“Josh, for you, what discovery has surprised you the most so far in your travels?”

Josh (I feel kinda’ funny using his first name when I don’t even know the guy but…) gave TWO great answers: a general answer and a specific answer. Click HERE to find out what they were! 😀 Thought I was gonna’ spoil it for ya’, huh?

I completely agree with his answers, and I so appreciate him realizing (and making his audience realize) that there usually is some sort of truth behind the experiences, stories, and sightings, especially when you take into consideration the climate, the cultures, and the belief systems of the area you are searching.

And watching Destination Truth brings back memories of traveling and learning about different cultures and belief systems, something I was always, and still am, fascinated with in our world.

My note to Josh…

Dear Josh, Well said!!! I can’t thank you enough for being open to these various interview opportunities and your thoughtful answers. Keep up the terrific work and please say “hello” to all of your crew!

You’ve had a fan in me from the very first episode and our entire family loves watching it together, giving us an opportunity to talk about traveling, various cultures and belief systems, your fascinating results, and the many possibilities and mysteries that still exist in our world today.

But I have to draw the line somewhere. You couldn’t pay me to go to the Chernobyl site. I’d have to skip that trip. My hat is off to you and your crew for that episode. Nope, n’uh, uh…no way. 🙂 Please stay safe, guys!

From one of your most ardent fans, Lisa (aka @lablady)


P.S. Favorite episode? Oh dear, there are so many. Loved Bigfoot in Malaysia as well as The Yeti in Nepal. What great discoveries!! Footprints! Very cool. The episode looking into Icelandic Elves was intriguing, and the Haunted Forest/Alux episode in Romania left me wondering: “What the heck is in “The Circle”? Wow.

These are just some of my many favorites. What are your favorite episodes of Destination Truth?

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Comments on: "Thank You, Joshua Gates!" (2)

  1. “Now I know the true feeling of the word, “Squeee!!!” **Happy Dance** :D”

    While I do know about the happy dance of joy. Happy – happy – joy – joy…

    I have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing a Squeee!!

    “These are just some of my many favorites. What are your favorite episodes of Destination Truth?”

    Dare I admit that I do not know about Destination Truth? Okay, I don’t know the show. And I haven’t had a Squee!! I need to get out more!

    Sally The Un-Squee’d

    • OMG, Sally! You have never seen Destination Truth? Wonderful show, going on season 5, I believe. If you love adventure, visiting other countries (or dreaming of doing so), love the paranormal and mysteries of the world, then you’d love this show. You can watch full episodes here

      You don’t have to watch from the beginning but I highly recommend it. You get to know all the crew involved and really begin to care about them. And let me say this: I am NOT a reality show watcher because I know how fake and ridiculous those types of shows really are; this is NOT one of those shows. It’s more of a documentary about their adventures in search of the truth about these sightings. 🙂

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