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Step 1: Rake up leaves, foot-long pine needles and sticky balls in running pile for lawn mower sweep-up or by hand.


See? I'm not kidding about the foot-long pine needles. I must say, though, these leaves are a beautiful golden brown.

5 hours and 24 full bags later….

Step 2: Bag 'em up!!

Continue bagging them up!!

Waiting for Step 3: Hand-picking the remaining sticky balls.

Persistent spikey little things. By the way, we didn't even touch the backyard yet!

I have a confession to make and, yes, I’m ducking. I did not do any of this other than take the photographs after the fact. My dear husband accomplished all of this on his own. I’m not exactly sure why I didn’t go out to help…Oh yeah, we only have one rake. That’s it. 😀

I told him I’d do Step 3: handpicking these stubborn balls 15 minutes at a time and trust me, there are hundreds left to pick up in the front yard not to mention hundreds, if not thousands in the back yard. It’ll be my exercise regimen for the next week or two.

Anyone want to join me?

P.S. Since there is some confusion about the size of these yard/lawn paper bags, I decided to take some photos. I set a regular grocery store paper bag next to them for comparison. Hope these few pics clarify their size and the quantity of leaves, needles and sticky balls we’ve cleaned up so far just in our front yard. 🙂

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Comments on: "Sticky Ball Hell Cleanup" (4)

  1. They look sort of like cockerburrs gone sci-fi.

    You use paper bags? Isn’t it difficult getting them inside with such a narrow target?

    Good job, DH for raking and you for being spot on with the camera!


    • I like that: “cockerburrs gone sci-fi”. LOL

      These aren’t your typical grocery store paper bags. They are about 4-feet tall (16″ x 12″ x 35″ x 12″), 30 gallon bags, and are to be used specifically for lawn debris. Our town passed a law that we *must* use these bags for debris. The only restriction, I believe, is you cannot put more than 50 lbs. worth of debris in them. Apparently, they are more environmentally friendly as they will decompose better and more quickly than plastic debris bags. They aren’t exactly cheap, though.

  2. can I mow right over the sticker ball things…new resident

    • Unfortunately, you don’t get as many sticky balls up with a mower as you think, especially if your ground/lawn is a bit uneven. Our lawn has tons of small and large ummm…divets from the many trees that were taken down years ago. You have to be careful not to turn an ankle when you walk on it. With that said, you do get a few of the sticky balls w/the mower, a few with a rake and leaves, but you have to handpick most of them.

      I did some research and found this cool “mower” specifically to flip up and gather those darn things. However, it says you have to have a flat lawn for it to work which makes sense. It wouldn’t work on our lawn. 😦 Good luck!

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