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Me: “Holy cow! The camera!”

I jumped up from my chair startling my husband who was watching the basketball game.

Him: “What?”

Me: “Look outside!!”

The sunset was radiating our grass and our trees with an eerie neon greenish-yellow, usually seen before a storm. This time, however, the storm had already passed.

I grabbed my camera realizing that a day or two before I had a low battery reading and forgotten to change the battery. I hoped it would still capture the eerie glowing light outside.

You can see a bit of the yellowish-greenness of the grass here.

Not sure what happened here. Sun may have gone down that quickly or the flash didn't work properly due to the low battery, but it has that nice eerie effect I saw.

This is my favorite shot. That pink/orange color was brilliant!

The last photo was shot several minutes later from inside through my office window. Click on any one of these photos for the full effect, especially this last one.

Not too bad, huh? What do you think?

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Comments on: "Eerie Light Lit Up Our Yard Tonight!" (2)

  1. kcmorlock said:

    You captured probably 3 orbs in the top photo.

    I capture them a lot around here, we let a patch of yard go wild to keep the yard fairies occupied. I pick up orbs at the cemetery, often.

    They show up in family photos near my kid’s and grandkid’s shoulders.

    I think I have some orbs posted on my blog but would be hard pressed to find the post.

    What a magical moment you had.


    • Hi Sally! You know, I checked all the other photographs I took and that was the only one that had an orb in it. I see that there is a tiny orb to the right of it (& slightly lower) too. I don’t see a third one though. My husband and I tried to figure out if it was a rain drop on the camera lens or dropping from the eaves but since they don’t show up in the other photos taken immediately after this one…well, it has us wondering. 🙂 Plus, you can see right through that large one to the trees beyond. Hmmmmm…

      Life is full of unexplained mysteries and I’d like to think that maybe it was my mother saying “hello”. She passed away almost three years ago. If not her, then someone else’s spirit passing through to give a nod to us. lol It’s fun to wonder! Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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