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Lying In Wait For Birds

I was washing dishes one afternoon last week and saw this in our backyard:

Extreme focus…on bird or squirrel?

We would prefer the cats out of our yard because my son and husband are allergic (our son even more so–hives from fur, dander, saliva), plus the darn things like to use any bare area/spot in the lawn as their own kitty litter box, especially the areas right next to our house. Ugh. Curse this sandy soil in Florida!!

What was amusing, however, was where this cat decided to lie down in our yard. See that pole in front of him? This is what it belongs to:

Lying in wait for birds.

Yup, that’s right. He was lying in wait for birds under our “new” homemade bird feeder stand. By the time we got the camera, he shifted his focus onto us. By the way, my husband made that steel baffle because the squirrels were climbing up the metal pole (it’s one used for plants) and jumping onto the bird feeders!

This cat isn’t interested in the bird seed. He wants to jump up and catch any one of the many bluejays, doves, wrens, and cardinals that visit our bird feeders. Little stinker!

Do you have any unexpected visitors to your backyard?

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Comments on: "Lying In Wait For Birds" (2)

  1. The racoons are a nuisance at the end of the day they attack my bird feeders. But we’re no so lucky during the day, either, the squirrels come and sit in some of the bird feeders stealing the food from the poor little birds that wait in nearby trees for the squirrels to leave. We scare them away but they’re so persistent and keep coming back! Ug!

    • celia, Over the years, we’ve tried a variety of “squirrel-proof” bird feeders. My son even made this a science project one year in school. So far, the baffle on this one has worked. It’s also about location. It’s far enough away from the fence and trees so the squirrels don’t have anything to jump from. Believe me, though, I’ve seen them trying to figure it out. Now, they let the birds do the work. When the birds fly onto and off of these feeders, they jostle the feeders so some of the seeds fall to the ground. The squirrels seem happy with this arrangement. 🙂 Good luck with your raccoons and squirrels! Thanks for commenting.

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