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Over the course of my lifetime, I have come to appreciate homemade food and have found I cannot tolerate processed mixes and foods and, quite frankly, I simply don’t like them. From what I remember, a lot of them tasted like cardboard and/or were quite flavorless. Dehydrated onions vs. freshly chopped onions sauteed in olive oil? No comparison. Fresh for me!

There’s another reason I cook from scratch: both my husband and my son have food allergies. Our son’s are more extensive than my husband’s so as a result, I am a detailed-reader of food labels, triple-checking before I buy anything. I even have to be careful about buying a turkey for Thanksgiving! Did you know some turkeys have milk/dairy in the “flavorful injections”? Who knew?

Luckily, I already knew the basics of preparing, cooking and baking, I simply had to discover substitutions and create my own variations! The most difficult part for me? Remembering to write down the amounts of certain items for the next time I make the dish. 😀


My husband is allergic to raw green peppers but can eat them when they are cooked. My son is allergic to raw celery but can eat it once cooked. Cooking apparently breaks down certain proteins and changes them in such a way that their bodies can handle the green pepper and celery just fine! Amazing, huh?

They both are allergic to most, if not all nuts; our son is allergic to all things dairy and eggs along with some fruits. My husband is allergic to most fruits but can eat apple pie since it’s cooked, but he can’t eat cherries at all. Bananas? No problem.

These are just some of the restrictions I’ve had to learn to cook around for more than 25 years, and thanks to my parents’ appreciation of fresh produce and homemade meals and my mother’s love of cooking, it’s been an easier challenge for me than most.

Did your parents cook from scratch too, and do you now? Or do you cook from scratch now because they didn’t while you were growing up? Does your family have any food restrictions which have helped you become a more creative cook?

Please feel free to share your story in the comments below, or if you’d like, start to comment and link to a blog post to finish your cooking story. I’d love to read them! 🙂

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Comments on: "Cooking from Scratch – with food allergies" (1)

  1. I have been observing a gluten-free diet since 2002.

    Because it caught on as a ‘fad diet’ there are a lot of packaged foods.

    In 2000 I became a vegetarian but once the gluten was gone I had a lot of empty plates. That is why I added fish and then fish became a gateway food for chicken, beef.. turkey dinners…

    I like to cook from scratch but I live in an average height house and no one is interested in making things accessible for me. I did get a ramp to the front door but it seems all accommodation stopped at my front door.

    Someday, maybe after the last payment on the house, about 7 years out, I may have enough spare change to have my way.

    No, the ADA does not apply to your personal home. Sigh..

    I am also the queen of undercooked cakes. An early attempt to show up at a few gatherings with my experimental food.

    Sally who is waiting for delivery of a Domino’s Gluten-Free Pizza… can you tell how hungry I am?

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