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There’s something exciting about dreaming up a new project and letting your mind mull over it for some time while you research how best to get it done.

Some of the materials, supplies, and tools I use to create.

You find yourself daydreaming and calculating while you work, or do laundry, or even watch TV, and play some games. Your brain churns over the dimensions, materials, paint colors, tool selections, and even the practical use of the project(s). You go over in your head the best way or sequence of creating that special item, and when there’s that eureka moment when you realize ,”I got it!” and all the pieces fall into place…well, there’s nothing like it, is there? πŸ™‚

Over the years, I have dreamed-up and followed-through with many projects, starting with various Girl Scout activities, (making felt finger puppets and candy cane holders, creating and writing our troop’s newsletter), creating home-made Christmas cards/gifts with special poems or notes for each family member, then painting our apartment bathroom which has led to painting most of the rooms in this house.

Honestly? Rolling paint on a wall is extremely satisfying to me. It’s an immediate visual accomplishment! I then moved on to decoupaging my kitchen cabinets, and designing furniture pieces for my husband to build.

My husband is great. I come up with a design and what materials I’d like to use and he tells me whether it’s possible or gives me even better suggestions, if needed. He’s brought my designs to life for a kitchen island, a bench file cabinet, a huge double-desk for my office, and a custom-made, three-sectioned hamper for our bathroom! We’re a great team. πŸ™‚

I’ve also painted a life-size Quincy, (I’ll see if I can get permission from Mr. Amend to post a photo of my handiwork) in my son’s bedroom atop the trim work of his window. Now, that took a little longer for me to carry out as I was a bit hesitant about my skills. I really wanted to do it just right because we are huge FoxTrot fans in this family. πŸ™‚

Of course, there are times when you just have to wing it. I’ve done plenty of that too over the years with some success! And the mistakes I make along the way teach me a better way of doing similar projects the next time…and yes, there’s always a next time. I’m always brainstorming ways to improve and/or beautify my world. How about you?

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